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  Photo Gallery One
.: Christmas Cup 2004:.  


.: A summer day's polo at Haggis Farm:.  

Curious what a match day at Haggis Farm is like? August 28th 2004 was a typical summer day's polo, enjoyed by players and friends at the club. The teams; El Comanche v's Granta and Graceland's v's Anstey Fachas. New players and guests are always welcome!


.: Silver Leys, Hertfordshire, 18th & 19th Sept., 2004 :.  

Haggis Farm fielded two teams at Martin Roat's Club. In white; Giles Greenwood, Twm Morris-Lowe, Jacqui Morris Lowe and Juan Furno.
In purple and gold; Paul Darrington, Ricardo Furno, Joshua Morris-Lowe and Edward Morris-Lowe


.: Sunday chukkas at Haggis Farm :.  

Chukkas, September 11th 2004.
Ricardo, Juan, Adrian and Jacqui (in blue) versus George, Josh, Twm and Edward in white.


.: Granta v's Gracelands, 29th August, 2004 :.  
  Paul Darrington's birthday match at Haggis Farm featured Granta, in purple (Paul Darrington, Ricardo Furno, Joshua Morris-Lowe and Edward Morris-Lowe) versus Gracelands, in white (Liam Harris, George Knowles, Aisling Ryan and Twm Morris-Lowe). The birthday boy's team were victorious!

.: Anstey Fachas v's El Comanche, 29th August, 2004 :.  
  Anstey Fachas (in white), Frederick Oldenburg, Venetia Hamilton, Angela King and Franciso Pizarro defeated El Commanche (in blue), Raj Madha, Dave Jackson, Stephanie Minto and Nicole Brown.

.: Ward Howard Rowlett Cup Final :.  

Silver Leys defeated Draghounds in the final of our weekend tournament on 21st and 22nd August, 2004, kindly sponsored by Ward Howard Rowlett surveyors, Cambridge.


All photography by Laurence Clark.
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